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Try Out the Blood Hunter Class with THE BLOOD HUNTER Single Player DUNGEONS & DRAGONS Adventure

Less than a month ago, Matt Mercer updated his homebrew class the Blood Hunter for fans to enjoy. Now, Anthony Joyce has released a special adventure designed for a Blood Hunter called The Blood Hunter. This unofficial Dungeons & Dragons adventure is designed to only last for two hours and only feature one player. The […]

UNCAGED VOLUME IV is the Final Volume for the DUNGEONS & DRAGONS Anthology Series

Uncaged is an anthology of unofficial adventures for Dungeons & Dragons that has been a fan favorite for several months. The Uncaged Authors recently released the fourth and final volume in the series: Uncaged Volume IV. Once again, these adventures are based on subverting tropes based on female mythological creatures such as medusas and harpies […]

CRIT ACADEMY Launches Their New Store for DUNGEONS & DRAGONS Supplements

Crit Academy is a podcast all about Dungeons & Dragons. They also create unofficial supplements for the game and have recently launched a new shop where you can find some of their materials. I greatly enjoy their materials and am once again happy to see what they have to offer. Exclusive to their new store, […]

26 Things My Co-Worker and I Want From & Other Stories, H&M, and Mango Right Now

If you were to take a look through my Slack messages, you’d see a lot of the following: typical work-related convos with my team, various notes to myself, Who What Wear updates, but most importantly, links to really cute clothes. (Hey, it’s research!) Almost every day, my co-worker Avery and I send each other what we’re […]

Meghan Markle & Prince Harry Axe More U.K. Staff Members!

Ch-ch-changes! Per multiple DailyMail.com sources, 15 high-level staff members who were employed by Meghan Markle and Prince Harry at Buckingham Palace have been let go from their positions. Related: How ‘Level-Headed’ Prince William Is Handling Megxit! While some will be reabsorbed into other roles in the royal household, some will face total severance. According to […]

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