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Watch Celebrities Stream DUNGEONS & DRAGONS for a Good Cause in LOST ODYSSEY: CHAMPIONS

Right now, we’re all stuck at home wondering what we should be doing. One thing that you can do this weekend is tune into the Lost Odyssey: Champions livestream. This is a three-day mini-marathon of Dungeons & Dragons. Across the three days, six games will be streamed in an effort to raise attention and funds […]

RICK AND MORTY Gets an Awesome Must-Watch SAMURAI & SHOGUN Anime Short Film!

I know y’all want to see something awesome today, and I’ve got just the thing that is sure to brighten your day and put a great big smile on that face of yours, especially if you’re a Rick and Morty fan. Adult Swim released n Rick and Morty anime-style short film titled Samurai & Shogun, […]

Madison Prewett & Luke Parker: New Couple Alert?!

When Madison Prewett issued her no-sex ultimatum to Peter Weber during his season of The Bachelor, she drew a lot of comparisons to another famously chaste contestant. As you may recall, Luke Parker from Hannah Brown’s season became irate when he learned that Brown had slept wth other men during her Fantasy Suite dates. Obviously, […]

Charlotte, Vida & Molly by Alba Yruela

07.jpg Shirt –  Hydra, Lingerie – Miss Crofton Alba Yruela 01.jpg Shirt –  Hydra, Lingerie – Miss Crofton Alba Yruela 02.jpg Shirt –  Hydra, Lingerie – Miss Crofton Alba Yruela 03.jpg Lingerie – Miss Crofton Alba Yruela 04.jpg Shirt -Vintage Alba Yruela 05.jpg Lingerie – Miss Crofton Alba Yruela 06.jpg Shirt -Vintage Alba Yruela 08.jpg dress – CLAN […]

WANTED: DEAD OR ALIVE Is Another Great Set of Bounties for DUNGEONS & DRAGONS

One of my favorite types of Dungeons & Dragons supplements are the bounty boards. A new bounty supplement called Wanted: Dead or Alive – A Collection of Dastardly Criminals comes from the team of Adam Hancock, Anne Gregersen, Brittney Hay, Bryan Holmes, Justice Arman, Mark Staun Poulsen, Steve “Jaspor” Orr, and Vall Syrene, and it’s […]

Trailer for Netflix's Buddy-Cop Comedy COFFEE & KAREEM with Ed Helms and Taraji P. Henson

The script for this Coffee & Kareem film project has been making the rounds in Hollywood for a few years. It initially landed on the Black List of best-unproduced screenplays in 2014, and in the end, Netflix was the studio that actually picked it up to develop it. Netflix has released the first trailer for […]

Jennifer Garner’s Parents Won’t Stay Home To Self-Isolate Amid Coronavirus & It’s Driving Her Crazy!

Jimmy Fallon is staying in amid the coronavirus pandemic and if that means hosting The Tonight Show from his house, then so be it! On Thursday’s episode, Jennifer Garner chatted with the late-night host, expressing some very relatable feelings about trying to get her parents, William and Patricia, to quarantine and self-isolate! Related: Jennifer Garner […]

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