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An Aging Stop-Motion Animated Skeleton Struggles to Find Acting Work in Brilliant Short Film REBOOTED

I’ve got an incredibly fantastic short film that you’ve got to watch titled Rebooted! It’s a beautifully made film that actually tells a wonderfully heartwarming and inspiring story that movie fans are sure to fall in love with. The story centers on an aging stop-motion animated skeleton that used to be a big movie star. […]

Adult Swim Has Picked Up Animated Comedy Series YOLO: CRYSTAL FANTASY

Adult Swim has picked up a new animated comedy series for fans to enjoy called Yolo: Crystal Fantasy. The series comes from creator Michael Cusack, who wrote the 2012 short, Yolo, as well as the Australian series, Bushworld Adventures. Variety provided the following description: The series, which will premiere later this year, follows Australian party […]

Review: ALTERED CARBON: RESLEEVED a Beautifully Animated Film with a Shallow Story

After the mixed reviews for Season 2 of Altered Carbon, an anime film was quite the surprise, and most fans were very excited. With an emphasis on animation and action, the story suffered a lot, even more than in Season 2 of Altered Carbon. Takeshi is hired as a bodyguard and must work with an […]

HARLEY QUINN Season 2 Will Feature a Flashback Episode That Pays Homage To BATMAN: THE ANIMATED SERIES

Some new details have come to light regarding one of the episodes we’ll see in the upcoming second season of DC Universe’s Harley Quinn animated series. The first season of the show focused on Harley Quinn (Kaley Cuoco) as she forged her own villainous identity in Gotham City after breaking up with The Joker. A trailer […]

HBO's SPAWN Animated Series is an Incredible Dark and Complex Show That You Need To Watch

There’s been a lot of talk about Todd McFarlane’s Spawn recently due to the movie that is currently in development and the recent addition of the character in Mortal Kombat 11. I know a lot of fans are already familiar with HBO’s Spawn animated series, but I also know there are a lot of people […]

Wacky Fun Trailer For Hulu's Sci-Fi Animated Comedy Series SOLAR OPPOSITES From The Co-Creator of RICK AND MORTY

Justin Roiland, the co-creator of Rick and Morty teamed up with former head writer Mike McMahan to develop a wacky new sci-fi animated comedy series titled Solar Opposites. If you enjoy the humor of Rick and Morty, you’re probably going to like what this new show has to offer. The series looks like it’s going to […]

ANGRY BIRDS is Getting an Animated Series at Netflix Titled ANGRY BIRDS: SUMMER MADNESS

The Angry Birds franchise continues to expand with a new animated series being produced for Netflix. The series will be titled Angry Birds: Summer Madness, and the streaming service has already ordered 40 episodes. It’s explained that each episode of the series will only be 11 minutes long, and “take comedic and tonal inspiration from The Angry Birds […]

While You Wait for Disney's Live-Action MULAN, Watch the HONEST TRAILER for the Animated Original

We are in a unique day and age where being on lock down in our homes is a time when we can still be highly entertained. With endless TV and movies on multiple streaming services, social media, gaming, and the internet, we shall prevail. While we are uncertain as to when we will get movies […]

The Art Director of GOD OF WAR Has Started a BATMAN: THE ANIMATED SEIRES Art Series

Raf Grassetti, the art director of God of War, has started a Batman: The Animated series art series in which he is reimagining various characters from the show in his own unique story. So far, Grassetti has released art for Joker, Harley Quinn, Two-Face, Scarecrow, Bane, Killer Croc, and Penguin. Each piece of art comes a […]

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