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The Capsule Wardrobe: How to Reduce Your Closet to 37 Pieces

Is it us, or does it suddenly seem like less is so much more? While the minimalist lifestyle has been gaining traction for a while now, lately it seems the trend has narrowed in on an area dear to our hearts: the closet. Whether it’s Marie Kondo’s often wardrobe-focused tidying technique or Matilda Kahl’s choice […]

Every Fashion Person's Closet Contains This "Dull" Sweater

Even the most stylish people we know don’t have a closet where every single item is a showstopping, statement-making, more-is-more kind of a piece. If they did, how could you tell what’s truly special? Instead, as many fashion people would agree, the basic, traditional, and, yes, so-called “dull” items we own are ultimately our closet […]

Celebrity Stylists Would Remove These 3 Winter Trends From Your Closet

Now that we’re knee-deep in winter (will spring ever arrive?), it’s time to take inventory of the current state of our closets. Is there an overflow of impractical shoes? Too few coats and jackets? The temperatures aren’t going anywhere soon, so we’d hate to miss out on the opportunity to bring our wardrobes up to speed for winter. So […]

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