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A Person Sets Off a Surreal Sequence of Events in Super Cool Experimental Film CONCATENATION

Filmmaker Donato Sansone has created a very cool experimental video titled Concatenation. It begins with a person setting off a surreal sequence of events, each one connected to the one that came before but with different visuals. The sound in the video comes from sound engineer Enrico Ascoli and it plays a pivotal role in the video. I hope […]

STAR WARS VFX Artist Points Out a Cool Detail During General Grievous Scene in REVENGE OF THE SITH

One of the things I love about the Star Wars franchise is fans are always discovering new things about it. Well this is a fun little moment in Star Wars: Revenge of the Sith that was pointed out on Twitter that I never noticed before. The moment takes place during the sequence where General Grievous […]

NASA Shares a Cool New 4K Video Showing the Apollo 16 Lunar Rover "Grand Prix"

Last week NASA shared a stunning 4K video showing what the astronauts of Apollo 13 saw as they passed by the dark side of the moon on their harrowing trip back to Earth. Today we have a cool new video to share with you that NASA geeks are gonna love! The footage comes from the […]

ELVISH ARCHETYPES Offers Some Cool Unofficial DUNGEONS & DRAGONS Subclasses

If you want a new and exciting class for a Dungeons & Dragons character, I have some new unofficial options for you to check out. Christian Eichhorn and Christopher Walz have teamed up to create Elvish Archetypes: 12 Subclasses from the Fine Folk. This supplement provides a new subclass for every official class except the […]

Fans Will Soon Be Able to Purchase a Cool New Collectible Digivice

Digimon is currently seeing a bit of a revival with the new movies releasing over the past couple of years and the latest one, Digimon Adventure: Last Evolution Kizuna, releasing in Japan recently. Also, the series is celebrating 20 years. Well, apparently Premium Bandai has taken note and decided to launch a new collectible Digivice […]

Cool Batman, Catwoman, Harley Quinn, and Batgirl Character Art From Artist Nabetse Zitro

I’ve got a great collection of Batman character art for you to check out today from artist Nabetse Zitro. He has a fun style that I think you’ll like and also enjoy the bit of adorable humor that he’s incorporated in a couple of them. I enjoy finding cool art from around the internet and […]

MAGIC: THE GATHERING Is Getting a Cool New Format This Summer with Jumpstart

A couple of weeks ago Wizards of the Coast revealed a new way to play Magic: The Gathering called Jumpstart. In Jumpstart, players will be able to purchase 20-card booster packs that each have a different theme. One pack may give you Unicorns while another gives you Goblins for example. You then shuffle the 40 […]

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