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Weezer Debuts Retro 8-Bit Style Video Game for Fans Titled THE END OF THE GAME

This week, the band Weezer has contributed something cool to the fans out there who are getting a little desperate in their quarantine. The guys in the band have created a throwback 8-bit style video game called The End of the Game, based on the band’s song of the same name from their upcoming album. […]

David Harbour Blames the HELLBOY Reboot Failure on the Upset Fans of Guillermo del Toro's Original Films

David Harbour comes off as being a charming guy and a wonderful actor. I was actually excited when he loaded the role of Hellboy in director Neil Marshall’s reboot. He was a great choice to take on the role, and I honestly thought that he did a solid job in the movie. It’s a shame because […]

Taylor Swift donates $3,000 each to several fans affected by coronavirus pandemic

American singer Taylor Swift is doing her part in contributing in any way she can. She has been donating money and giving aid to some of her fans who have been affected by coronavirus pandemic. On Wednesday, she donated $3,000 (Rs. 225622.50) to a fan who is financially unstable due to the current crisis. As per reports, she […]

Rian Johnson Has Released His Script For KNIVES OUT For Fans to Have Fun With During the Quarantine

One of the upsides of this stupid (but necessary) shutdown of life has been all the cool things that have been shared by artists, authors, actors, musicians, and the many talented people who are giving of themselves to bring a little fun to kids and adults during this weird and wild time we are all […]

Daniel Craig Says He Never Dreamed of Playing James Bond as a Kid, But Tells Fans Who He Always Hoped to Play

Daniel Craig has filmed his final movie in the role of James Bond, the famed agent 007 who has been portrayed by some of the most distinguished men in the past several decades. Bond is brilliant and smooth, handsome and brave, and pretty much the guy that men want to be and women want to […]

Patrick Stewart Will Be Reading Shakespeare on Social Media For Fans During This Time of Self-Quarantine

With millions of people around the world in self-quarantine due to the coronavirus pandemic, people are trying to find ways to stay entertained and keep themselves from going stir-crazy. It’s a time where a lot of people need their spirits lifted, and that where Patrick Stewart comes into the picture! Before the actor landed the […]

THE LAST BLOCKBUSTER Director Taylor Morden Is Recruiting Fans to Remake BACK TO THE FUTURE PART II During the Quarantine

Throughout the craziness that has taken place this past week, I have seen a lot of creativity from so many sources. One director is taking on a fun project and is inviting fans to get in on the fun. Taylor Morden, director of the documentary The Last Blockbuster, has decided to remake the classic film […]

MY HERO ONE'S JUSTICE 2 Features Fun Characters and Is Great for Fans of the Anime

Over the weekend, Bandai Namco released My Hero One’s Justice 2. If you’re a fan of arena fighting games and the hit anime series My Hero Academia, you’ll love this game. It features 40 playable characters including heroes and villains with all characters showing off their quirks. Bandai Namco was kind enough to send me […]

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