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An Aging Stop-Motion Animated Skeleton Struggles to Find Acting Work in Brilliant Short Film REBOOTED

I’ve got an incredibly fantastic short film that you’ve got to watch titled Rebooted! It’s a beautifully made film that actually tells a wonderfully heartwarming and inspiring story that movie fans are sure to fall in love with. The story centers on an aging stop-motion animated skeleton that used to be a big movie star. […]

Edgar Wright Will Direct a Sci-Fi Film Titled SET MY HEART TO FIVE That Pays Tribute to 80s and 90s Films

Edgar Wright has found his next directing gig, and it’s a good one! He’s set to develop an adaptation of Simon Stephenson’s upcoming novel Set My Heart to Five. The author of the book will also adapt the screenplay, and it tells a sci-fi story that pays tribute to the movies of the 80s and 90s. […]

Steven Spielberg Launch's American Film Institute's Daily Movie Club with THE WIZARD OF OZ

During this time of isolation, the American Film Institute has decided to launch the AFI Movie Club, which is designed to be “a daily virtual gathering to leverage our collective love of film on behalf of optimism in this time of global uncertainty.” Director Steven Spielberg, who is an AFI Trustee and 1995 recipient of the AFI […]

Michael Bay Will Bring Bayham to Sony with a Multiyear Film and TV Deal

Michael Bay has closed a multiyear first look deal with Sony Pictures for his Bay Films, and he will produce both film and TV projects for the studio. The deal brings Bay back to his roots as it’s the studio where he made his directorial debut with 1995’s Bad Boys. Since then he’s certainly honed his […]

STAR WARS: THE RISE OF RESISTANCE Writer Explains That He's Never Re-Written a Film as Much as This One

I’ll admit that I enjoyed watching each individual film in the latest Star Wars trilogy. They are all fun popcorn flicks, but when you watch them back-to-back, the whole thing is kind of a mess. Hell, the prequel films, which a lot of fans don’t care for, told a much better story than what Lucasfilm […]

Review: ALTERED CARBON: RESLEEVED a Beautifully Animated Film with a Shallow Story

After the mixed reviews for Season 2 of Altered Carbon, an anime film was quite the surprise, and most fans were very excited. With an emphasis on animation and action, the story suffered a lot, even more than in Season 2 of Altered Carbon. Takeshi is hired as a bodyguard and must work with an […]

Ryan Gosling Is Set to Play an Astronaut Again in the Sci-Fi Film THE HAIL MARY

Ryan Gosling (First Man, La La Land) is set to star in another astronaut movie titled The Hail Mary. The actor will also be a producer on the project, which MGM is currently negotiating to acquire. Gosling most recently played astronaut Neil Armstrong in First Man. In this new sci-fi film, he will play “a […]

Video Offers Insight on Creating Stunts Previz For Film and TV

For those of you who are interested in the process of filmmaking and the work involved with creating the awesome stunts we see in them, stunt and fight coordinator Dave Macomber offers some interesting insight in this video he shared. The video focuses on what goes into creating stunts previz for film and TV. This […]

RICK AND MORTY Gets an Awesome Must-Watch SAMURAI & SHOGUN Anime Short Film!

I know y’all want to see something awesome today, and I’ve got just the thing that is sure to brighten your day and put a great big smile on that face of yours, especially if you’re a Rick and Morty fan. Adult Swim released n Rick and Morty anime-style short film titled Samurai & Shogun, […]

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