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CRISIS ON INFINITE EARTHS Almost Featured Constantine and Swamp Thing Team Up

DC’s Crisis on Infinite Earths crossover event was packed full of surprises, fun cameos, and exciting team-ups. It was a blast to watch and it almost featured another cool team-up that fans would have loved to see! Showrunner Marc Guggenheim recently revealed during an interview on Fake Nerd Podcast that he wanted Swamp Thing to team […]


Disney Villainous is a very popular board game that features Disney villains, classic and new, trying to prove they’re the baddest one in town. Well, it looks like Disney and Ravensburger have decided to expand their horizons with the next expansion due later this year. Instead of villains that are typically associated with Disney, Marvel […]

A Surprise DCEU Movie Character Appeared in CW's CRISIS ON INFINITE EARTH'S Part 4

The final two episodes of the Arrowverse crossover series Crisis on Infinite Earths recently aired and it included a huge surprise character from the DCEU films. This was completely unexpected and a little weird. But, this crossover event completely tore open the DC multiverse and had some fun with it. If you haven’t watched Part […]

New Crisis On Infinite Earths Promo Teases The Final Fight

In just a few more weeks, The CW will bring to an end its biggest crossover event ever with “Crisis on Infinite Earths” Part Four and Five, which find the remaining heroes of the Arrowverse making one last stand against the Anti-Monitor with the fate of the multiverse resting on their shoulders. No pressure, then. […]

Crisis On Infinite Earths Part Four And Five Synopses Tease A Thrilling Conclusion

In about three weeks’ time, The CW will conclude its biggest crossover event ever with “Crisis on Infinite Earths” Part Four and Five, which will see the remaining heroes of the Arrowverse put up one last stand against the Anti-Monitor. The five-hour special event has so far delivered on its promises of grandeur by bringing […]

Crisis on Infinite Earths Part 4 Will See the Return of Arrow's Oliver Queen

After months of waiting to see how and when Oliver Queen (Stephen Amell) would die in Crisis on Infinite Earths, we finally found out in the first hour of the crossover, which was surprising to say the least. Now though, we may have just gotten the first hint of his return in the official synopsis […]

Crisis On Infinite Earths EP Teases More Surprises In Final Episodes

“Crisis on Infinite Earths” is currently on a month’s break, but the Arrowverse crossover will return in the new year for its thrilling final two episodes, and we’ve been promised even more surprises to come when it does. The opening three hours aired earlier this December on The CW and lived up to the promise […]

Lucifer’s Tom Ellis Poses With Arrowverse Heroes In Crisis On Infinite Earths BTS Pic

With “Crisis on Infinite Earths” taking a month off before it concludes in January, fans have got some space to chew over the incredible first three episodes of the Arrowverse crossover that aired last week. As well as bringing the various corners of The CW’s TV universe together like always, it also pulled from across […]

Crisis On Infinite Earths Star Addresses Whether He’ll Ever Play Superman Again

There are so many fan-pleasing comebacks in “Crisis on Infinite Earths,” with one of the most notable being Brandon Routh’s return as Superman for the first time since 2006’s Superman Returns. The Legends of Tomorrow star has been a part of the Arrowverse for a long time, of course, but it was extra special to see him suit […]

Crisis On Infinite Earths Confirms Tyler Hoechlin’s Superman Faced Doomsday

“Crisis on Infinite Earths” Part 3 ended with a shocking twist as the Anti-Monitor defeated the assembly of superheroes and destroyed every Earth in the multiverse. Now, fans have to wait for almost a month to watch the rest of the story unfold on Arrow and culminate on Legends of Tomorrow. But this year’s crossover event was […]

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