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Kate Middleton Is Clearly Infatuated With These 4 Pieces of Jewelry

When it comes to Kate Middleton‘s jewelry, everyone immediately thinks about the iconic sapphire-and-diamond engagement ring that was given to her from the late Princess Diana‘s personal collection. It’s striking, full of history, and probably priceless. That said, the rest of her jewelry box is also worth spotlighting too, even if the pieces aren’t quite as famous. […]

Kate McKinnon Set to Play Big Cat Activist Carole Baskin in JOE EXOTIC Series Adaptation

You are probably aware of the Netflix sensation that is the docuseries Tiger King. Everyone is talking about this super crazy show that follows the “big cat-owner community” in the United States, and the crimes committed among them. Before it was a Netflix doc, the story was first told on the Wondery podcast Joe Exotic. […]

Exclusive Clip From the Cult Comedy SEVEN STAGES TO ACHIEVE ETERNAL BLISS Starring Taika Waititi and Kate Macucci

I’ve got an exclusive clip for you guys to check out from the weird movie Seven Stages to Achieve Eternal Bliss starring Kate Micucci and Taika Waititi. The film is about a small town couple who find the apartment of their dreams in the city. The only problem is that members of a deranged cult […]

How Kate Middleton Styles Skinny Jeans and Flats for a Rare Day Off

We’re used to seeing Kate Middleton’s polished presence at all kinds of events, from service at Westminster Abbey with Meghan Markle on Monday to playing sports with kids on her royal tour of Ireland last week. She’s definitely known to dress down for more casual events, but we rarely get to see what she wears when she’s truly off-duty. […]

Meghan Markle and Kate Middleton Both Wore the #1 Royal Trend

The British royal family as we know it is about to look a lot different. Today, Meghan Markle and Prince Harry attended their final event as senior members of the royal family. Yes, they are still expected to attend family events, but they won’t be there in any official capacity. Plus, today’s event for Commonwealth Day also […]

Commonwealth Day 2020: Harry e Meghan incontrano William e Kate

Molto atteso per quella che dovrebbe essere l'ultima apparizione insieme dei duchi del Sussex e di quelli di Cambridge, il Commonwealth Day 2020 è arrivato portandosi dietro un ricco album  di foto reali.  Le due coppie hanno infatti partecipato insieme alla messa nell'Abbazia di Westminster, ultimo evento, almeno sull'agenda ufficiale, di Meghan e Harry in […]

Kate Middleton Wore Zara Skinny Jeans With $50 Sneakers From Amazon

It’s been a busy week for the royal family. Kate Middleton and Prince William’s schedules have been filled on their royal tour of Ireland, which included a sports-themed visit to the Salthill Gaelic Athletic Association in Galway today. Meanwhile, back in London, Meghan Markle and Prince Harry made their triumphant return to the UK after […]

Kate Middleton Wears Cult-Favourite Fashion Label The Vampire’s Wife on Royal Tour of Ireland

The royal tour of Ireland is officially underway with the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge spending three days in the country. Yesterday, Kate leaned into the country’s national colour of green by donning a Catherine Walker coat and top and skirt from Alessandra Rich for her first appearance. She then switched into another green piece […]

Kate Middleton Kicks Off the Royal Ireland Tour in an All-Green Ensemble

The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge touched down in Dublin today for their three-day tour of Ireland, marking their first official visit to the country. For day one, Kate Middleton clearly decided to embrace the hue most strongly associated with the Emerald Isle—green. She deplaned wearing a double-breasted forest green Catherine Walker coat, with a […]

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