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WonderFul Video Essays Breaks Down The Greatness of Alfred Hitchcock‘s 1958 Masterpiece, VERTIGO

Alfred Hitchcock’s classic 1958 film Vertigo. It’s an incredible film that wasn’t fully appreciated when it was initially released. It wasn’t until later that the film started to be studied and considered a cinematic masterpiece. I’ve got a couple video essays for you to watch below that do a fantastic job digging into the film […]

BTS drops cinematic masterpiece with official 'ON' music video from Map Of The Soul: 7

A week after the release of their highly anticipated album ‘Map Of The Soul: 7’, worldwide superstars BTS has dropped the official music video of their title track ‘ON’. The album dives into the seven years of the seven members, from being aspiring musicians to an intriguing rookie group from a small label to becoming […]

HIS HOUSE Is a Terrifying and Emotional Haunted House Horror Masterpiece – Sundance Review

You may think you’re tired of haunted house movies. How many times can they tell the same story? While you may be right, I beg you to give this one a chance. His House is the story of a refugee couple that escapes from South Sudan and makes their way to a little English town, […]

First Tenet Trailer Teases Another Christopher Nolan Masterpiece

Christopher Nolan’s Tenet is sure to be another mind-bending thrill ride from the acclaimed director. At least, if this new trailer is anything to go by. Pitched as “an action epic evolving from the world of international espionage,” the preview holds back on plot – no surprises there – but what we do get is […]

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