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Steven Spielberg Launch's American Film Institute's Daily Movie Club with THE WIZARD OF OZ

During this time of isolation, the American Film Institute has decided to launch the AFI Movie Club, which is designed to be “a daily virtual gathering to leverage our collective love of film on behalf of optimism in this time of global uncertainty.” Director Steven Spielberg, who is an AFI Trustee and 1995 recipient of the AFI […]

Spike Lee Shares The Script For His Unproduced Jackie Robinson Movie

Looking for something cool to read while you’re stuck in the house? Well, filmmaker Spike Lee has shared the full script for his unproduced Jackie Robinson movie for everyone to read! Lee describes the film as a “dream project” in a video that he posted that you can watch below. The project was developed in […]

IMPRACTICAL JOKERS: THE MOVIE Headed to Home Release on April Fool's Day

Good news, quarantinos! Impractical Jokers: The Movie is headed to an early home release for our apocalyptic viewing pleasure. This was a really great movie for anyone and everyone, but especially for fans of the series. Check out my review for the film here. The movie stars the guys from Impractical Jokers the series, Brian […]

27 Fun Facts About Tom Cruise's TOP GUN, a "Making Of" Video, and VH1's BEHIND THE MOVIE Episode

There’s a ton of excitement surrounding director Joseph Kosinski’s and Tom Cruise’s Top Gun: Maverick, and it’s one of my most anticipated films of the year! I’m also a huge fan of the original 1986 Tony Scott-directed movie, and with the sequel supposed to be coming out at some point in the near future, I […]

Riveting Trailer for HBO Original Movie BAD EDUCATION Starring Hugh Jackman, Based on a True Story

We have a great looking trailer for you guys to check out for the upcoming HBO original film Bad Education. The movie is based on the biggest public school embezzlement scandal in history, which took place at the school of the film’s writer, Mike Makowsky (I Think We’re Alone Now). The film was directed by […]

Producer Jason Blum's Take on How Theaters and Movie Studios Will Be Different After Coronavirus

It’s been a weird and wild time for movie fans everywhere, as all this spare time would normally mean that we would be heading to the theatre to catch up on the movies we are most excited to see. But instead, theaters are closed, and movie release dates have been postponed. We are all staying […]

Update on Director Brad Bird's Upcoming Live-Action Musical/Animation Hybrid Movie Project

Just over a year ago, we reported that director Brad Bird is working on a new project. It’s a live-action/animation hybrid musical that he is creating alongside composer Michael Giacchino. Bird is known for writing and directing Ratatouille and both The Incredibles films (in which he also does the voice for Edna Mode), and Giacchino […]

Movie Theaters Could Shut Down For Good if Congress Doesn't Pass The Trillion-Dollar Rescue Bill

There are a lot of individuals and businesses who are being hit hard financially due to the coronavirus pandemic. Businesses have shut down, people have lost jobs, the economy is tanking, and life as we knew it is falling apart in crazy and unexpected ways. Life is scary! While I’ve been looking forward to the […]

Christopher Nolan on The Importance of Movie Theaters and The Need To Keep Them Alive and Thriving

As you know, we are currently living in a very different world, a world with a virus pandemic that many of us never imagined we would be facing. It’s strange, scary, and a lot of us are feeling uncertain. We don’t know what the future holds! One of the big effects of this coronavirus is […]

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