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I'm a Picky Shopper, and This Is What I'd Buy From Nordstrom for Spring

Anyone who has ever attempted to go shopping with me knows how (annoyingly) picky I can be when it comes to buying anything for myself. In fact, I can spend (and have spent) hours browsing stores and online without finding a single thing I actually want to purchase. While this trait definitely has its downsides—you don’t want […]

4 Put-Together Outfits That Are Making Us Feel More Productive at Home

I’ll admit it’s been hard to have as much motivation working from my apartment as I usually do in our West Hollywood office. While it’s definitely convenient getting to wake up and open my laptop from bed, I feel like my productivity levels are starting to decline. But after listening to the advice of fellow […]

Everything at Everlane Is 25% Off (Which Never Happens)—Here's What I'm Buying

My jaw literally dropped this morning when an email from Everlane announcing a 25% off sitewide sale popped up. This is the first time the brand has ever held a sale of this magnitude, and who knows if or when it’ll ever happen again, so I’m placing an order. Here are the details: The sale lasts […]

The 20 Best Oversize Tees and the Fashion-Girl Outfit Inspo to Go With Them

Since oversize T-shirts have rapidly risen to the top of my list of wardrobe staples over the last couple weeks, I figured it might be time to refresh not only my collection (which at the moment is mostly made up of old pajamas) but my sources of outfit inspiration, too. After all, in an effort to not let […]

These 16 Colorful New Arrivals Are Brightening My Day (and My Closet)

I think that we can all agree: Now, more than ever, we need a little color in our lives. Luckily, Madewell’s spring collection is here to give us just that. After browsing the new pieces, my shopping cart is officially filled with neons, reds, and brights galore. Yes, I’m saying goodbye to my sweatpants (they […]

The 21 Prettiest Athleisure Pieces on Amazon, Shopbop, and Nordstrom

Athleisure can be a lot of things: functional, “boring”, chic, etc. But right about now, it can’t hurt to just wear something pretty. That said, you probably don’t want to wear a dress to hang out in your house or apartment, so the perfect compromise is pretty athleisure. Whether you’re working out, working from home, or just lounging, […]

I'm Jewelry-Obsessed—These Are the Pieces I'm Shopping Now

Jewelry is my thing—that’s a fact. If I forget to put on my little accessories before leaving the house, I will turn my car around to go add them to my outfit. (Yes, maybe I’m a bit crazy.) But do I really have to explain myself? Jewelry is the one thing that completes an entire […]

6 Items I Bet I'd Find in My Favorite Celebs' Nordstrom Shopping Carts

I, like many of you, routinely hit up Nordstrom for cool staples and other trendy items. While celebrities tend to have access to a variety of brands (and often work with stylists for their wardrobes), I bet many turn to Nordstrom here and there. Because hey, we often see some of the most stylish A-listers wearing […]

28 Under-$100 Staples My 60-Year-Old Mom and I Want You to Buy From Nordstrom

I recently highlighted some of the basic trends my 60-year-old mom is currently shopping for at Nordstrom—the retailer she loves because they have something for anyone with any style. Given that I also often turn to the mega-retailer for my essentials, I thought it could be fun to showcase the staples both of us are currently […]

25 Weird But Useful Amazon Purchases I Don't Regret Buying

My husband riffs through Reddit daily and I, on the other hand, like to scan Amazon (almost) daily. When I’m not reading news bits or stumbling across random internet things, I do have an affinity for discovering (and shopping!) lesser-known beauty products, and I think we can all agree that’s equally as important as finding a […]

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