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Review: Real Deep Sea Pressure in SHINSEKAI: INTO THE DEPTHS

The ocean has been a great source of mystery and desperation forever, and in the last few years, the great depths have been explored a lot more in video games. Shinsekai: Into The Depths continues to deliver a great journey into the deep seas like other games with various dangers, challenges, and unique gameplay elements. […]

Review: ALTERED CARBON: RESLEEVED a Beautifully Animated Film with a Shallow Story

After the mixed reviews for Season 2 of Altered Carbon, an anime film was quite the surprise, and most fans were very excited. With an emphasis on animation and action, the story suffered a lot, even more than in Season 2 of Altered Carbon. Takeshi is hired as a bodyguard and must work with an […]

Review: Good Job! – This Laugh-Riot Feels Like 2020's Answer To Untitled Goose Game

Promoted to ‘essential’. We’ve all been in a job that we didn’t like very much. Heck, a lot of people – this writer included – have had jobs that they’ve actively hated, filled with menial tasks that make time grind to an absolute halt. Given the current world climate, chances are you’re safe and sound […]

Persona 5 Royal Review – Revealing Its True Form

Publisher: Atlus Developer: Atlus Release: March 31, 2020 Rating: Mature Reviewed on: PlayStation 4 When it launched in 2017, Persona 5 represented the next evolution of the Persona formula. Persona 5 Royal amplifies the stellar turn-based combat and masterful social mechanics, as well as the complex systems surrounding them. But it also adds new characters, […]

Review: WOLFENSTEIN: THE BOARD GAME – The Joy of Killing Nazis on the Table

Wolfenstein: The Board Game channels a lot of the great things from the recent and classic games into an action-packed board game that’ll challenge the greatest of Nazi slayers. The game is a surprisingly accurate translation of the thrilling shooter franchise, while adding some new elements that can only be appreciated atop a table. There […]

Review: Exit The Gungeon – Fine-Tuned Action That's Less Compelling Than Its Forerunner

Beating a hasty retreat. Having created one of the finest indie roguelikes of recent years in Enter The Gungeon, some might have wondered how developer Dodge Roll would follow it up. The answer, of course, is to Exit The Gungeon. This is no direct sequel, but rather more of an extended epilogue. Having faced and […]

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