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Steven Spielberg Launch's American Film Institute's Daily Movie Club with THE WIZARD OF OZ

During this time of isolation, the American Film Institute has decided to launch the AFI Movie Club, which is designed to be “a daily virtual gathering to leverage our collective love of film on behalf of optimism in this time of global uncertainty.” Director Steven Spielberg, who is an AFI Trustee and 1995 recipient of the AFI […]

Steven Spielberg Told Vin Diesel It Would Be a "Crime of Cinema" If He Didn't Direct Again

Before Vin Diesel became the big movie star that he is, he wrote, directed, starred, and self-funded a little indie film in 1997 titled Strays. He made the movie for $50,000 that he saved up by working as a telemarketer. This was the first and only movie that he ever directed. Not long after he […]

Can Indiana Jones survive without Steven Spielberg?

The nice thing about long-running fictional characters is that, if we want them to, they can remain ageless forever. James Bond, for instance, will stay a strapping buck into perpetuity as the actors portraying him get replaced once they’ve grown out of the role. Indiana Jones, for whatever reason, cannot enjoy a similar stature. He […]

Steven Spielberg Will Not Direct INDIANA JONES 5, James Mangold is in Talks For the Job

Steven Spielberg has been developing Indiana Jones 5 for years and was attached to direct it during that time. Well, he is no longer going to direct the film and is looking to hand the directing job off to another filmmaker! This comes as a huge surprise and it will be the first time in […]

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