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4 Put-Together Outfits That Are Making Us Feel More Productive at Home

I’ll admit it’s been hard to have as much motivation working from my apartment as I usually do in our West Hollywood office. While it’s definitely convenient getting to wake up and open my laptop from bed, I feel like my productivity levels are starting to decline. But after listening to the advice of fellow […]

I Helped My 60-Year-Old Mom Clean Out Her Closet—We Purged These 5 Items

My mom, Nancy, recently messaged me that it was time for her to clean out her closet. While she has a range of timeless pieces that will remain staples, she knew there were a few—as she said—”meh items” that needed to go. While she has a strong sartorial eye, she wanted a gut check on whether or […]

Wearing This Spring Trend Guarantees Your Leggings Look Chic—Just Ask Rosie HW

Whether you wear leggings constantly or have started reaching for the loungewear staple more than you normally do, you’re probably on the hunt for some fresh outfit ideas to wear with them. And since the celebrity crowd is providing us with some rather chic outfits with the stretchy pants this spring, we’ve sourced yet another A+ look to inspire […]

These 16 Colorful New Arrivals Are Brightening My Day (and My Closet)

I think that we can all agree: Now, more than ever, we need a little color in our lives. Luckily, Madewell’s spring collection is here to give us just that. After browsing the new pieces, my shopping cart is officially filled with neons, reds, and brights galore. Yes, I’m saying goodbye to my sweatpants (they […]

These Surprisingly Affordable Spring Denim Outfits Deserve a Look

I know I don’t need to convince any Who What Wear reader about the versatility, wearability, and overall cool-factor of denim. So I’ll just skip right to the point, which is I’ve found two very casual (but cute!) denim outfits that are so easy to recreate. Both were spotted on my stylish co-worker Norah Murphy whose outfits I must admit […]

We'd Give Up Basic Black Leggings for These 6 Fresh Spring Trends

Okay, okay, clearly you can’t deny the power of the perfect pair of black leggings. After all, they’re a classic staple at this point as a fashionable way to keep comfortable in your day-to-day. That said, there is actually a smattering of fresh legging trends that we’re particularly into as alternatives to basic black leggings. Because come […]

If There's Only One Retro Trend You Buy Into This Year, Let It Be This

Throughout the last few years, there’s been a growing shift in the fashion influencer space. Being a tastemaker often means having a strong visual aesthetic, one that’s similarly appreciated in the fashion design world. While the creativity and drive that can help to launch an influencer’s success don’t always translate to being a good designer, […]

Everything at Madewell Is Randomly 25% Off—Here’s What’s in My Cart

While having some warning that a sale is coming is a great opportunity to plan what you’re going to purchase, I may enjoy a surprise sale even more, as I don’t have to wait as long to get my goods. Case in point: This morning, Madewell launched a site-wide (aside from jeans) 25% off sale through Tuesday, […]

Jessica Biel's Dress Outfit Is Everything a Spring 2020 Look Should Be

Unlike some famous women (who shall remain nameless), Jessica Biel wears outfits that are actually easy to re-create. Her off-duty wardrobe consists of lots of skinny jeans, leggings, ankle boots, and sneakers, but sometimes life calls for an outfit that’s a bit dressier. Enter her latest look, worn while out and about in L.A. Biel combined a few […]

4 Trends We're Predicting Kate Middleton and Other Royals Will Wear in 2020

Hate to break it to you, but the world’s fascination with everything the royals do, from what they wear to where they eat, is not dying down any time soon. In fact, with the recent news that Meghan and Harry will be stepping back from their royal duties this year, the interest of us onlookers has […]

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