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New TV Spot, Clip, and Featurette For Harrison Ford's Adventure Film THE CALL OF THE WILD

We’ve got a new TV spot, clip, and featurette for you to check out for the adventure film The Call of the Wild, starring Harrison Ford. The film is based on the classic novel by Jack London, and is adapted by Michael Green, with Chris Sanders (Lilo & Stitch, How to Train Your Dragon) directing. […]

Awesome New Featurette and New TV Spot for Pixar's ONWARD Starring Tom Holland and Chris Pratt

We’ve got an awesome new featurette and TV spot for the amazing-looking Pixar film Onward. The animated movie stars Tom Holland (Spider-Man: Far From Home), Chris Pratt (Guardians of the Galaxy), Julia Louis-Dreyfus (Seinfeld), and Octavia Spencer (The Help). This is a touching family story, as are most of the Pixar films. Here’s the synopsis: […]

Lili Reinhart Says She Wants Young People to See More Authentic Bodies on TV

Lili Reinhart has shared her struggle with self-love in a thread on Twitter today. The Riverdale actress and her castmates were criticized by a fan in a since-deleted tweet for being “25+ year olds portraying teenagers with perfectly chiseled bodies” which they said was “contributing to unrealistic body expectations [and] body image issues.” Lili responded by […]

Peter Jackson's THE FRIGHTENERS is Being Developed as a TV Series with Charlize Theron Producing

Peter Jackson’s crazy 1996 film The Frighteners is currently being developed as a potential series. The news comes from Bloody-Disgusting, who reports that Charlize Theron is looking to produce it through her Denver and Delilah Productions, which also produces David Fincher’s Mindhunter. I love The Frighteners! It is such a strange, dark, and wonderful horror/adventure film. The movie […]

BLACK WIDOW Colorist Spots Moment From Comics in the Latest TV Spot for the Film

During the Super Bowl on Sunday, a new TV spot was released for Black Widow and there was a small moment that some comic fans might appreciate. Matt Wilson worked on coloring some of the comics illustrated by Chris Samnee and he noticed a shot that looked a lot like a scene he colored. The […]

Amblin TV Set to Adapt The Washington Post Report THE AFGHANISTAN PAPERS Into Limited Docu-Series as Well as Scripted Drama

Photo Source: The Washington Post (via Deadline) Amblin TV is taking on an ambitious project with an adaptation of a report from The Washington Post called The Afghanistan Papers: A Secret History of the War. The report will be made into a documentary series as well as a scripted drama. Deadline gives the following description […]

STAR WARS Meets BLADE RUNNER in This Test Footage From George Lucas' STAR WARS: UNDERWORLD TV Series

Before Disney bought Lucasfilm and started developing their own Star Wars projects, George Lucas was developing a live-action series titled Star Wars: Underworld. He wanted it to be a 400 episode series, and before the project was put on hold, he reportedly already had 100 completed scripts. The series was to be set in the […]

A second wind for Ocean Waves, Studio Ghibli’s only TV movie

With many of Studio Ghibli’s most beloved and recognisable films – from My Neighbor Totoro to Kiki’s Delivery Service – arriving on Netflix this weekend, one lesser-known gem has snuck in under the radar. Ocean Waves, Ghibli’s first and only TV movie, doesn’t possess a famous director or the impressive production values of other films […]

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