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Michael Bay Will Bring Bayham to Sony with a Multiyear Film and TV Deal

Michael Bay has closed a multiyear first look deal with Sony Pictures for his Bay Films, and he will produce both film and TV projects for the studio. The deal brings Bay back to his roots as it’s the studio where he made his directorial debut with 1995’s Bad Boys. Since then he’s certainly honed his […]

Delightfully Funny and Raw Trailer for Apple TV+ Series TRYING – A Look at a Couple's Journey to Becoming Parents

We’ve got a trailer for a great-looking series that’s coming soon to Apple TV+ called Trying. The show takes a comedic look at the emotional journey that is becoming parents for a couple that is struggling to make it happen. The series stars Rafe Spall (Hot Fuzz, The Big Short, Just Mercy), Esther Smith (Cuckoo, Black Mirror), […]

Video Offers Insight on Creating Stunts Previz For Film and TV

For those of you who are interested in the process of filmmaking and the work involved with creating the awesome stunts we see in them, stunt and fight coordinator Dave Macomber offers some interesting insight in this video he shared. The video focuses on what goes into creating stunts previz for film and TV. This […]

Lettera al re, Freud, Ultras: tre nuove serie tv da vedere adesso

Disponibili ora tre serie tv di Netflix da non perdere La primavera delle proposte targate Netflix è sempre più ricca. Il mese di marzo, iniziato all’insegna degli studenti indisciplinati di Elite 3 e proseguito con le cheerleader ribelli di Prova a sfidarmi, continua con generi molto diversi tra di loro, ma sempre capaci di attirare […]

A new relief fund will provide aid to the UK’s film and TV industries

While everyone’s attentions remain focused on the most urgent matters right now – curtailing the spread of the coronavirus pandemic, protecting those most susceptible to it – the economic dimension of this global crisis has not gone unnoticed. Every industry has been plunged into jeopardy, and the entertainment sector hasn’t been an exception. As many […]

A Former Undercover FBI Agent Fact Checks Mob Movies and TV Shows

Former undercover FBI agent Mike McGowan recently sat down with Vanity Fair to watch and fact-check mob movies and TV shows. If you’ve ever wondered what the movie got right and wrong about the mob life, this guy offers some fascinating insight! The films that McGowen discuses include Reservoir Dogs, The Departed, Donnie Brasco, Boardwalk Empire, The […]

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