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Eli Roth Set To Direct a Feature Film Adaptation of The Video Game BORDERLANDS

Eli Roth (Hostel, The Green Inferno, Death Wish) has signed on to direct a feature film adaptation of the wildly successful video game Borderlands. The project is being produced by Lionsgate and this seems like the kind of project that Roth would have a lot of fun directing. I’m not really the biggest fan of […]

Neo From THE MATRIX Takes The Blue Pill and Ends Up in OFFICE SPACE in This Fun Deepfake Mashup Video

I’ve got a great deepfake mashup video for you to watch today that I think you’ll enjoy. It features Neo sitting down with Morpheus in The Matrix and instead of taking the red pill, he takes the blue pill. In this scenario, Neo ends up living the frustrating life of Peter Gibbons, Ron Livingston’s character […]

Tom Holland Thinks the UNCHARTED Script Is One of the Best He's Ever Read and That It Will Break the Video Game Movie Curse

The Uncharted film is struggling to find a director that’ll actually be able to make the film. However, that doesn’t stop star Tom Holland’s optimism and enthusiasm. Video game movies don’t have the best track record, but Holland believes that Uncharted will break the “curse” for one simple fact: it will tell the origin story […]

Tom Holland Is Marty McFly and Robert Downey Jr. Is Doc Brown in BACK TO THE FUTURE Deepfake Video

I’ve got a couple of new deepfake videos for you to watch today that you’re gonna love! The videos comes from YouTuber EZRyderX47, and the first features Tom Holland as Marty McFly and Robert Downey Jr. as Doc Brown in a scene from the classic ‘80s film Back to the Future. The other video just […]

Has the video game movie curse finally been lifted?

For years now, it’s been conventional industry wisdom that movies based on video games just don’t work. For whatever reason – losing the ability to control the actions of the characters onscreen, an inability to reproduce the fully-digital aesthetic of the latest console – something was always lost in translation, and the box-office returns suffered […]

This Video Shows Us The Filmmaking Techniques and Tricks Used To Pull Off The Incredible Single Shot Experience in 1917

If you are a fan of Sam Mendes’ World War I film 1917, I’ve got a video here that you’ve got to watch. It comes from Vox and it takes us through all the filmmaking techniques and tricks used to make the movie appear as if it were shot in one single take. While I […]

The Hit Video Game CROSSFIRE is Getting a Film Adaptation From FAST AND FURIOUS Producer

Sony Pictures is teaming up with South Korean game developer Smilegate to develop an adaptation of the hit video game Crossfire. The script for the film was written by Chuck Hogan (The Town, 13 Hours, The Strain) and Fast and Furious producer Neal H. Moritz is producing. Crossfire is an online tactical first-person shooter and due to its popularity in Asia, […]

Video Explores Why Genndy Tartakovsky's PRIMAL Is the Best Animated Series of 2019

First of all, if you haven’t watched Genndy Tartakovsky‘s Primal yet, you’re missing out on something really special and completely badass! The show is hands down one of my favorite animated projects of 2019. It just delivers something totally different and unique. Whether you’ve seen the series or not, I’ve got a video here for […]

SONIC THE HEDGEHOG Exceeds Expectations And The Speed Limit. Could It Be The Best Video Game Movie?- MOVIE REVIEW

Sonic The Hedgehog is the very first live-action film based on SEGA’s iconic video game character. It comes from first-time feature director Jeff Fowler. James Marsden stars and is joined by Tika Sumpter, Jim Carrey, Natasha Rothwell, Neal McDonough, and Ben Schwartz as the voice of Sonic. As we know movies adapted from video games […]

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